Sunday, March 06, 2005

Attanasio - Classy

For those of us lucky enough to listen to Saturday's Brewers/A's game on the network, we were treated to Mark Attanasio sitting in for a few innings with Bob Uecker. It was just great to hear him talk of his love for the game, and his knowledge was surprising. The guy exudes class and success, and it's nice to know that he takes that much of an interest in his new acquisition that he was willing to sit in on the broadcast for a few innings, as well as take in the spring opener against the Mariners. It really affirms it for me: Brewer fans, we are in good hands with Mark A.

PS - I'll post a little bit on today's whuppin' of the Royals a bit later, since I really haven't said anything about the team's great start to exhibition games.

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