Thursday, March 10, 2005

"Bill of Grit": 1st Ammendment

Tom Meagher, who runs the excellent "Fourth Outfielder" Dodgers blog, has proposed an ammendment, which has been accepted, to the "charter" of Brew Grit that I stated in my Intro, via e-mail. Thanks, Tom. Here it is:


I checked out your blog today. You're doing some pretty good work so
far. Keep it up.

I noticed your intro included the statement "If something is impossible
to quantify numerically, it doesn't exist." While I think you're on the
right track, I would propose an amendment: "Given the number of things we can
reasonably quantify from verified data, when analyzing baseball it is
typically not worthwhile to speculate the impact of unquantified
phenomena." Just my two cents. The stats we have now are all surrogates
for better data - K/9 tells us a lot, but an analysis of pitch location and
velocity could tell us a lot more. The issue is that anecdotal evidence
is nearly useless, and until numerical records of pitch data and so forth
are kept or available, we are better off leaving what we haven't
quantified out of our analysis.


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