Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Capuano locking up spot

Thanks to his continued great performace in spring training, Chris Capuano has pretty much locked up a spot in the Brewers rotation. Most Brewers fans had all but assumed it to be the case before the spring, but at least Capuano has earned it by pitching extremely well. Cappy was a productive pitcher for the Brewers last year, but couldn't stay healthy, a problem he has had since about 2002, when he had Tommy John surgery. Ever since, he has had bouts of elbow problems, including tendinitis last season. Some scouts say he projects as a number 2 guy in a rotation. I don't think so, but if he gets his K rate back to the 8.41/9 he had in the minor leagues, and drops his HR rate back under one (or at least to the NL average of 1.1), like it was in his D'Backs system days he will be a very good pitcher. Obviously he's not much of a workhorse either, but I would like to hope the team would prefer quality over quantity in terms of innings. Again, though, he has only 121.1 IP under his belt at the MLB level, and should continue to improve IF he is able to stay healthy. Here's my view of the Brewers rotation at this point:


Clearly, the 5th spot has some issues. However, if the team would just commit to Hendrickson, rather than give the impression of giving up on him, the chances of him being productive are much higher than Glover or Obermueller's. Nonetheless, this rotation looks much better than the one the Brewers trotted out last April, especially if Obermueller isn't in it.

Yesterday's ST Game: Padres 4 - Brewers 3
Today: Brewers (Capellan) @ Cubs (Koronka)

I really like the phrase "glover-mueller". These two guys are interchangeably mediocre. It really doesn't matter who the 5th guy turns out to be because all of the Brewers options for this spot are mediocre.
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