Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Hacking Mass and various other BP

Baseball Prospectus has it's fun "HACKING MASS" competition up. For those unfamiliar, you pick who you think the worst player at each position is, as well as two pitchers. I won't say who's on my team yet, but I will say there are no current Brewers and three former Crew members on my team. Also, you are not allowed to take a Rockies pitcher this season, but there are plenty of awful pitchers to be had. Sign up.

Also, BP has it's "Prospectus Hit List" pre-season edition up. They have the Brewers as the 24th best team in the league, and project a 74-88 record for this season. Here's the little they say about the team:

Talent on the farm offers promise for the post-Selig era, but they'll take their lumps for a while yet.

I would say that they will do a little better than 74-88, but it's definitely a possibility that they finish in that area. I'll be doing my predictions sometime in the next day or so.

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