Wednesday, March 02, 2005


OK, this is my new blog, "Brew Grit". Basically it will center on my favorite baseball team, the Milwaukee Brewers. I will also throw tidbits in about other teams I follow closely, such as the Packers, Badgers, Marquette, the Bucks, and my second favorite MLB team, the Oakland Athletics. You'll also likely see general baseball comments and other sports related content. I intend to keep this blog sports-only, and it's doubtful that I will post anything controversial here, regarding politics, etc. I also closely follow the Brewers farm system, and minor league baseball in general. When talking baseball, I tend to lean heavily to the statistical side on analysis. I try to be objective when discussing the game, and the Brewers. There are a few things I hold to be self-evident:

1. If something is impossible to quantify numerically, it doesn't exist.
2. Sentimentality is an inefficiency. Look at the numbers when evaluating a player in order to remain objective. I try to avoid favorite players, although it's pretty much inpossible if you follow a team as closely as I do the Brew Crew.
3. Runs are scored. They are not "manufactured" by playing "small ball" and doing things such as sacrificing and stealing bases. Outs are a sacred resource. You only get 27 a game, so a team should not do things that unnecessarily give these outs away. Runs are also not scored because a player has a certain innate ability to hit in the "clutch". This is a myth, and you will rarely see me reference this, unless it is sarcastically.

There are other things, as well, but I'll save them for later. So, enjoy, and I hope you will post your comments on anything I post, especially if you disagree with it. I hope to keep everything civil, and baseball oriented.

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