Monday, March 07, 2005

New Power 50 at BrewerFan

Toby Harrmann at BF has posted an update of his "Power 50" ranking of the top 50 prospects in the Brewers farm system. Some bits:

19 Salome, Angel R C 18 R R

Will be able to play defense at the MLB level - his hitting prowess will determine if he's able to stick around in the bigs

Salome is probably my favorite prospect in the system. He's been compared a lot to Pudge Rodriguez, and comes from Manny Ramirez's H.S.

28 Woolard, Glenn AAA SP 23 R R

Not on the 40-man, not in major league camp, not even assured of a spot with the AAA team, all of which adds up to a heavy index of ridiculousness

Another guy who I love. I say he and possibly Jeff Housman will be making starts in Milwaukee come September - possibly sooner in Woolard's case.

31 Richardson, Grant A 1B 22 R R

A ton of power potential, though like all first basemen not named Prince Fielder in the Milwaukee system, he'll have to find his outfield glove eventually

My favorite pick in last year's draft. The guy is an OBP machine, as is the guy behind him, Steve Sollman.

34 Gwynn, Jr, Tony AA CF 22 L R

The Brewers are thinking about promoting Gwynn to AAA out of spring training and they are idiots for doing so

Right on. TGJ is not very likely to ever wear a Brewers uniform, in my opinion.

41 Gamble, Jerome AAA MR 24 R R

Rarely does a team get a talent as capable as Jerome Gamble on the minor league free agent market, but he immediately becomes one of the Brewers' top relief prospects

Gamble could turn out to be Dan Kolb Pt. II. Probably Melvin's most overlooked pickup of the winter.

Check out the rest, and do so every other week when he updates. I'll more than likely post it every time he does a new one, though. It's excellent analysis, one of the many fine things offered by BrewerFan.

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