Sunday, March 06, 2005

ST Game 4: Brewers 9 - Royals 6

Carlos Lee (AP Photo/Orlin Wagner)

The man in the above picture is awesome, no doubt about it. And so is the guy behind him - there's your numbers 3 and 4 hitters for the next few years Brewer fans. Soak it up and enjoy. Now on to the game...

Rick Helling pitched well for the Crew today, but it was really the explosive offense put on by Carlos Lee and Prince Fielder that won this game. You may say "It's Spring Training. Who Cares?" to which I'll answer "me." It's just a thing of beauty to be able to see the future of this Brewers club; like Prince, Weeks, Hart, Nelson, etc, get some experience facing MLB quality pitching. All-in-all, El Caballo was 3-3 with two HR (the first a massive park-leaving shot approximately 475 ft., according to Bob Uecker) and 5 RBI. He now has 3 HR and 9 RBI for the spring season. The Royal One was also 3-3 with 3 RBI. Brady Clark, or "King Grit", was 3-3, with 2 2B's, a 3B, and 3 runs scored. The pitching was good for about 4 innings, with Helling, Bottalico, and Jeff Bennett doing the hurling. After them, the game was turned over to pitchers in the Rigo Beltran, Julio Santana, and Ben Diggins phyla. Not good. Granted, it's spring, and the pitchers aren't exactly in game shape at this point.

Yahoo!'s recap

Up next: Brewers vs. Mariners, Monday at 2:05 CT - maybe I'll try to live blog a little bit. We shall see. Daron and Bill will have the call on

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