Monday, March 07, 2005

ST Game 5: Brewers (Davis) vs. Mariners (Madritsch)

Off to a hot 4-0 start in exhibition games, the Crew takes on the Mariners for a second time tday with Dealin' Doug taking the hill for the first time this spring. The game is available for free on the Brewers website, with Daron Sutton and Bill Schroeder providing the call. As will likely become a custom in my game previews, here is the BrewerFan IGT. Enjoy, as I may possibly do a little "live-blogging" on this post during the game as I see fit. In all likelihood I will provide a recap as well.

OK, here's the line-ups for the game:

Krynzel - CF
Spivey - 2B
Overbay - 1B
Jenkins - RF
Cirillo - DH
Helms - 3B
Cruz - LF
Hardy - SS
Moeller - C
Davis - P

Ichiro! - DH
Reed - CF
Beltre - 3B
Ibanez - 1B
Boone - 2B
Winn - LF
Olivo - C
Spiezio/Choo? - RF
Reese - SS
Madritsch - P
2:40 PM
Currently 3-2 Mariners, following a 2-R jack by Nelson Cruz. According to some who have seen him in person this spring, Cruz is a more advanced player than either Brad Nelson or Corey Hart, and I'm beginning to believe it.
2:50 PM
Jenkins hits a "sacrifice" bloop down the LF line caught by Beltre, scoring Spivey, who walked and was moved to 3rd by Overbay. 3-3 now, with Cirillo flying out to go to 0-2 for the game. Matt Wise will be entering the game for the Brewers following Davis' 3 ER in 2 IP.
3:05 PM
Hardy makes a nice catch, running a loooong way into LF. Wise pitching well at this point, seems to be a lock to make the Opening Day roster as a long man at least. Well, he was pitching well until Beltre (2-2) crushed a 2B off him, with 2 outs. Ibanez (1-2) made the final out, following a two RBI 2Bin the 1st.
3:20 PM
Miguel Olivo scores from third with two outs following a rundown started by Spiezio taking off from 1B. Kind of a crazy play, as is normal with ST games. Schroeder thinks it was a designed play in which Spiezio stays in the rundown long enough for the runner at third to score. 4-3 Mariners.
3:30 PM
Overbay takes Hueber(sp?) deep to tie the game back up. To that point the Brewers had been dominated by Hueber, who struck out Cruz and Hardy last inning. Jenkins slaps a little single to third. Apparently he was actually protecting the plate. Cirillo follows him with another single. Two on, no outs, and 10 hits for the team thus far. Helms does the Helms thing and K's. Cruz follows up with another RBI to give the Brewers the lead. De la Rosa has entered the game for the Crew.
3:45 PM
De la Rosa pitches very nicely, finishing the inning with a K of Beltre. The score: Brewers 5 - Mariners 4 after five innings.
4:35 PM
Well, I leave the house for a little while, and what happens? Enrique Cruz hits a Grand Slam, of all people. It's 9-5 Brewers as I write this, following 7 innings of play. Also, Jorge pitched very, very well today, K'ing them left and right. A very encouraging occurence, hopefully leading to the Brewers completely cutting ties with "The Run Fairy" Wes Obermueller.
4:50 PM
Pretty uneventful top of the 8th for the Brewers, Cirillo likely finishes his day up at 2-5. Young Dana Eveland enters the game now for the Crew, I would assume to finish things off for the day. Apparently, the team is leaning toward using him pretty much strictly as a RP. Doesn't make much sense to me, considering his dominance thus far as a starter. Eveland gets a big DP, after kind of losing his composure. Also, the 6 and 4 in the DP were Cruz and Erickson - thank goodness it's ST! Eveland works completely out of it after putting the first two on. Great job by Dana. End of 8 - Brewers 9 - Mariners 5.
5:00 PM
The top of the 9th has gone very well thus far, Durrington got on and scored thanks to a single by Julio Mosquera. Nelson has also gotten on, and has just come in to score along with Mosquera on a base hit by Magruder. It's now 12-5 Brewers. Following a base hit by Erickson, the Brewers now have 18 hits in this game. Branyan just ripped a double off the LF wall, scoring another run, 13-5 Brewers. This has turned into vintage Spring Training, quickly. Corey Hart makes a "productive out" knocking in Erickson to make it 14-5. Cirillo K's looking to end the inning. End of 8 1/2 - 14-5 Brew Crew.
5:15 PM
John Novinsky has come into the game to mop-up. Bill Schroeder finally wakes up the folks with this - if you get on base you are good! Scott Podsednik doesn't get on base. Ergo, he is not good. Clark gets on base, which means he's good. Bill is learning, and it's about time. For some odd reason, Ichiro! is still in the game in the 9th inning in the first week of Spring Training. Hargrove has also done a pitch-out in this game, did he not get the memo that the games don't count. Ichiro did just rip a double off of Novinsky, making it second and third following the BB issued to Spiezio. Novinsky is really struggling with his control, like Eveland probably attributable to nerves a little. He gave up a run on a sac fly off the bat of Jeremy Reed. He's a nice ball player, I must add. Now, a HR to Willie Bloomquist to make it 14-8. He now gets the final out on a grounder to Branyan. Final score - Brewers 14 - Mariners 8. Brewers ST record: 5-0.
I'll put up a little recap in a while, once a full recap and box score are available elsewhere. In the meantime, if anyone dug the semi-live blogging, comment if you like. It may become a bit of a semi-regular thing whenever I can do it.

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