Monday, March 14, 2005

ST Games 11/12: A win some, lose some weekend

Sorry for the lack of updates over the weekend on Cactus League action. A friend is home from school that I haven't seen in a while, and a busy college hoops weekend as well. So, here's my recaps and thoughts on the Brewer action over the weekend.

ST Game 11: Brewers (Davis) @ Rockies (Wright)
This was pretty much a shelling, which those of us fortunate enough to have DirecTV were able to watch. Jamey Wright was in vintage form, which was good for The Crew, but bad for Carlos Lee, who was hit by a pitch. He's fine, but it was about as scary a Brewer moment I can recall. Doug Davis pitched extremely well, and Wes Helms hit two HR. Rickie Weeks had an excellent game as well, working counts, getting on base. Jose Capellan looked quite alright for two of his innings - his fastball just 'splodes. Nelson Cruz continued to impress after he came in for Lee, however he made some poor plays in the field. Pat Borders owns 20 year old AA pitching in ST games. After Branyan came in for Helms, he went deep as well. This was a total moonshot over a 35 Ft. fence in CF. Both of them are hitting the ball well over the past few days, but (deep breaths) it's only Spring Training. Bottalico struggled mightily with his control, but I don't really think there's any reason for concern. Dave Krynzel has a tough day, going 0-5, as did Julio Santana. Thankfully, Santana is a longshot, but he has pitched very poorly. Derrick Turnbow considered to sew up his spot in the Brewer pen - there will be some big time fireballers in that pen with Lehr, Turnbow, and de la Rosa. Final Score: Brewers 17 - Rockies 9.

ST Game 12: Brewers (Santos) vs. Diamondbacks (Halsey)
This game started out extremely well, also, but the Brewers surplus of Spring fodder gave it up at the end. Victor Santos bounce back very well from his previous start, and gave up no runs in three innings of work. Russell Branyan, Corey Hart, Dave Krynzel, Rickie Weeks, and especially Brad Nelson hit the ball very well. Really though, the story of the game was the poor pitching performances turned in by Andy Pratt, Brooks Kieschnick, Rigo Beltran, and Luis Pena. Likely, none of them aside from Brooks make the team. Final Score: Diamondbacks 15 - Brewers 11.

Today: Brewers (Hendrickson) vs. Royals (Lima)

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