Friday, March 25, 2005

ST Games 20/21

The Brewers won one and lost one in Cactus League action the past two days. Here's some recaps and thoughts.

ST Game 20: White Sox 17 - Brewers 9
I was able to watch this one on Comcast Sports (Ch. 640) on DirecTV, and although they lost, it was a fun game to watch. The plate discipline Prince Fielder shows is amazing for a 20 year old. He drew three walks and hit a HR. Some people seem to think he is ready now, although I don't put myself in that camp. Sure he has had a great spring, but doesn't anyone remember Jose Fernandez? Spring training numbers are useless, but for Prince they are encouraging, especially the patience he has shown. That attribute will make his adjustment much easier when his time finally does come. Some people say "trade Overbay ASAP" to make room for Prince - I'd say trade Jenkins, if you can get some team stupid enough to take on that bloated salary, and move Overbay to RF. Obviously that decision is a season, or at least a few months away if Prince really starts on a tear in Nashville. Carlos Lee continued his hot spring, homering again, and getting (what appeared to be) intentionally hit by Damaso Marte. He also threw Scott Podsednik out at the plate. Victor Santos' poor line is partially due to the wind aiding balls over the fence and deep into the OF.

ST Game 21: Brewers 8 - Mariners 6
Ben Hendrickson, who I will back until he is finally given a legitimate shot in the rotation, started this game and didn't pitch poorly. The HR he gave up to Beltre was due to Clark slipping down and allowing Beltre an inside the parker that scored three runs. Hendy will be fine, but it looks as though we as Brewer fans will have to endure at least a month of Glover-mueller in the rotation. The best we can hope for is league average, but that's probably a stretch. Jeff Cirillo won this game with a walk-off HR, which was his first extra base hit of the spring. For reasons probably due to lack of talent, Cirillo will likely break camp as a Brewer, even though he hasn't hit a lick in 4 years. Derrick Turnbow pitched well in picking up the overvalued win, and should definitely make the team.

Today: Brewers (Glover) vs. White Sox (Garcia)
This is probably Glover's shot to get a spot in the rotation, as the battle of mediocrity rages on between he and Obermueller.

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