Tuesday, March 08, 2005

What would have happened?

A great, I repeat great, article at Hardball Times. What they did was take into account what player would have done had they not gone to war. A friend and I had this discussion last night reagrding Ted Williams. I said that he would have been better than Ruth had he not taken four years out to go to war, we had pegged him at a career total of 690 HR, which we thought was a conservative estimate. THT says The Splinter would have ended up at 709 career HR, just six short of breakin The Babe's total of 714. They also said his career OPS would have been 1.129 (.485/.645), a slight improvement over his 1.116 actual mark, and he would have wound up with 3,475 career hits. In my opinion, Ted Williams is truly "The Greatest Hitter Who Ever Lived" - plain and simple. Again, check out the article, it's worth a read.

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