Sunday, March 13, 2005

Who's surprised? More steroid talk

A blurb from the NYDN article describes the regimen Mark McGwire used to become a 270 pound steroid freak:

The recipe called for 1/2 cc of testosterone cypionate every three days; one cc of testosterone enanthate per week; equipoise and winstrol v, 1/4 cc every three days, injected into the buttocks, one in one cheek, one in the other.

It was the cocktail of a hardcore steroids user, and it is one of the "arrays," or steroid recipes, Mark McGwire used to become the biggest thing in baseball in the 1990s, sources have told the Daily News.

Long before Jose Canseco claimed he injected McGwire in the behind in his tell-all autobiography "Juiced," the man known as Big Mac denied ever using illegal steroids. But according to FBI sources, McGwire's name came up several times during "Operation Equine," a landmark anabolic steroids investigation that led to 70 trafficking convictions in the early 1990s. No evidence against McGwire or any other steroid user was collected, and one former agent who worked undercover in the case says McGwire was not a target.

Hopefully, no one is surprised by this. If they are, they would be the definition of an eternal optimist for not realizing that McGwire was juiced. You just don't get to be that big without the help of something. I'm glad this is coming out, as McGwire has basically been shielded by the media because of his "magical" 1998 season. It turns out it wasn't that magical at all, it was just dirty. I really have no respect for the man any longer, even though I kind of thought all along in '98 that he was using. I am glad to see Canseco's allegations starting to be proven true. I own his book and I recommend everyone read it, even though some parts of it are probably fabrications, like the way he basically tries to explain his way out of his criminal wrongdoings. However, the man is an expert on steroids, and I tend to believe the majority of what he has to say on the subject.

Also, Jeremy Giambi admitted to steroid use in the KC Star:

"It's something I did,'' Giambi says. "I apologize. I made a mistake. I moved on. I kind of want it in the past.''

I do, however, have a lot of respect for both Giambis. It seems like they are really the only ones who are owning up to what they did. I am actually pulling for them, as odd as that sounds. For a Brewers fan, pulling for a Yankee won't be easy, but I think Jason Giambi deserves support. He is a genuinely good guy, and I think his steroid use has nothing to do with his (and Jeremy's) incredible plate discipline. I will predict that Jason's line looks something like .280/.400/.475, which would be a nice way to prove a lot of people wrong, and I'm in his corner. If a player admits to cheating like the Giambis have essentially done, you can forgive them. But, when a player like McGwire blatantly lies for years about his indiscretions, it's sad. Hopefully, more players will come clean. This is a forgiving country, and the people love the game.

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