Friday, April 15, 2005

Game 8: Brewers (6) vs. Pirates (2)

Another fairly decent outing by a Brewers starting pitcher allowed the team to stay close before the offense finally produced in the 8th inning. Chris Capuano allowed two runs in five innings, while striking out three, walking two, and surrendering seven hits. He's going to have to start working later into ball games, preferably before June so as to keep the bullpen fresh. The offense in this game was provided by Lyle Overbay and Geoff Jenkins solo bombs, as well as a go-ahead double by Carlos Lee - that followed a peculiar bunt by Overbay. I call it peculiar for two reasons: 1) Yost called for his best hitter to bunt, and 2) it worked. It worked great once, but hopefully it won't be tried again. Brady Clark continued his on-base machine ways, collecting three hits and scoring a run. Clark's line now sits at .333/.450/.455, while Scott Podsednik nurses a pulled groin in Chitown, and ranks second on the team in runs created with 6.9.

"Brew Grit" Player of the Game: Lyle Overbay (2-3, HR, RBI, BB, 2 R)

Next Up: Brewers (Sheets) vs. Cardinals (Suppan), 7:00 CT Friday

Interesting that you called Wednesday night's small ball ineffective and stupid but you only called Overbay's bunt on Thursday "peculiar" because it worked. There is a place for that kind of strategy, especially among the people best able to handle the bat. Overbay certainly qualifies. By putting the bunt on his scouting report, he probably earns himself a couple more hits this month. It's not something I would expect to see again this year but you will see the effect.
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