Saturday, April 30, 2005

Put a Bow on it

The Bow (AP)

Derrick Turnbow continues to impress as a 9th inning man, making this look like an excellent move by Yost. What's amazing is how much Turnbow's stock has soared, including this bit from Fanball:
Danny Kolb saved 39 for the Brew Crew last year and so far, indications are Turnbow is three times the closer Kolb ever will be.

Amazing how times have changed for Turnbow, who went to Arizona to fight for a job, and left as the best pitcher in an up-to-now rock solid bullpen. I'd still love to see Adams get more work, as well as Wise, and see Tommy Phelps get less. However, Phelps is a decent pitcher. I believe I have said this earlier, but Phelps' career ERA out of the bullpen was 2.42 coming into this season, as opposed to his ERA as a starter (5.85). So, as long as the Brewers don't get any crazy ideas and try him as a starter, they may have a very useful LOOGY on their hands. And, if Phelps falters, Julio Santana, who had dominated AAA before getting the call-up to take Ben Sheets' roster spot, could slide in to the low-leverage role.

He has definately impressed so far. Maddux can do no wrong it seems.
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