Friday, April 15, 2005

The Sheffield "fracas"

Sheffield and pals (AP)

Well, 24-hour sports radio folks rejoice! You have another inane, inconsequential story to fill the airwaves with today. This one involves a "fight" involving Yankees RF Gary Sheffield and a Red Sox fan that began following a swipe the fan took at Sheff, the ball, or both. Now forgive me. I know that as a Brewer fan, I must hate Gary Sheffield no matter what he does. However, he was right in this case. He also did a great job to restrain himself from inflicting serious bodily harm on a drunk moron who has no respect for the game he is watching, nor the stadium he is lucky enough to be in. There is no greater problem here, regardless of what the talking head expert types will say. No need for a higher fence, maybe just a need to quit selling beer. If that were to happen, it would decrease the chances of altercations like this recurring.

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