Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Brewers 4 - Cubs 1: Alive at 5

The Brewers pushed their winning streak to five games tonight against the Cubs in an excellent game. Aside from two runners thrown out at home, one that was very borderline if not flat-out blown, and a boneheaded caught stealing, the Brewers played flawless baseball. The pitchers walked no one (granted, it's the Cubs), while Carlos Lee provided a spark for the first time in Miller Park. Like I said before the season, Chris Capuano is the second best pitcher on this team, and he may finally be living up to it. Just a great game all the way around. The Brewers sit at 12-13, in a second place tie, and with a chance to take it over for themselves tomorrow as they send Victor Santos to the hill against Greg Maddux.

The streak is now 5 since you willed the Player of the Game to me. Let's hope this keeps up for another 2 weeks!
It was good to see some contact from Miller on that double in the 6th. He and Russ were making Zambrano's job too easy by striking out twice each their first two times around.

And I'm totally in love with Turnbow's changeup. It's an 85 mph fastball, which even I can hit, but after 10 straight 95-99 mph fastballs, it's a massive mindf*ck!
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