Thursday, May 05, 2005

Brewers push streak to 6

Miller wins it (MJS)

Man, things are good right now. The Brewers are back to .500, in sole possession of second place in the NL Central, and on a six-game tear. They're taking walks, they're pitching well, and things are falling into place. Lyle Overbay is the hottest hitter in the league, so hot in fact that Dusty Baker won't even pitch to him. Lyle has been walked six times in two games, and once in each game Damian Miller made it hurt. Yesterday was more of the same from the night before, a tight affair that went down to the end, and with the Brewers' changing luck they stay on the roll of one run games. Note to self: Derrick Turnbow is dominant. He hasn't allowed a hit in his last 10 innings of work. His ERA is 1.35. His BAA is .093.

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