Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Cappy Deals

The Brewers got back on the right track Monday against the Rockies, as one would expect. Behind Chris Capuano, who one fearless blogger predicted would be better than Doug Davis, and a two-run single by the suddenly patient and disciplined Bill Hall, the Brewers pulled out a 2-1 win. Cappy was stellar, as was Ricky Bottalico, who notched his second save in place of the tired Turnbow.

Granted, the team has some major issues. Namely the second base situation, where Junior Spivey has been downright awful, and SS where J.J. Hardy has gone through the predictable rookie woes and has had to deal with a tenuous-at-best grip on the starting spot after being assured of being the everyday starter. Obviously, Sheets' injury has had an effect, but Obermueller has filled in admirably. Glover's been awful, and probably should be replaced by Obie when Sheets comes off the DL. I'd prefer to see Ben Hendrickson get another shot, but that will likely have to wait until Obermueller combusts. Rickie Weeks (.308/.384/.623 in AAA) is ready, but likely won't be called up, so I'd like to see the Brewers pick up D'Angelo Jimenez to help out the second base situation. They could probably send Hardy back to AAA, since his growth is being stunted by irregular playing time and his service time is being accumulated while being a below average player, and start Hall and his terrible defense at SS every day. Jimenez has experience playing 2B, SS, and 3B and would help out the team quite a bit with his nice OBP skills - something neither Spivey or Hardy has provided thus far. All in all, though, the team's in pretty good shape considering they are without their best pitcher, and he should be back on Saturday.

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