Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Do they really need 12 pitchers?

This is one thing that has irked me. The Brewers have carried too many pitchers for too long to remember, but this year it really seems really magnified. There are some fine arms in the pen, namely Mike Adams, Jorge de la Rosa, and Matt Wise, who seem to get very irregular work. They'll go a week without pitching, being passed over for the likes of Santana or Phelps, for no apparent reason. Then suddenly they get a flurry of activity in high-leverage situations. To me Turnbow's usage is troublesome, whereas Ned likes to use him when the team is trailing. I don't mind using him in tie games, but when the team is losing and there are plenty of serviceable to good options available in the pen, why use the relief ace?

What I'd like to see is, upon Sheets' return, Santana be sent down and replaced by a LH bat. Whether it be off the waiver wire, or someone from AAA like Krynzel or Nelson, it needs to be done. Too often Yost is stuck with no decent pinch hitters at all, especially those with pop. It seems to make sense that a trade similar to the Byrd/Chavez deal the Nats and Phillies recently did would be a feasible option, using one of the more expendable pitchers like Bennett, Santana, or Phelps.

I'm gonna have to disagree with you here, but only because of the names you mention. If Yost does decide to move a pitcher down he should definitely not bring up someone young who will sit the bench and get spot pinch hit opps.

Krenzyl and the rest are much better served playing everyday and developing their bats and defense than sitting on the pines in Milwaukee. A guy who I wouldnt mind seeing brough up is Durrington, so that we can have some speed in the later innings. Helms is batting .400 as a pinch hitter, and Durrington could run if Helms gets on. That would be more effective in the long run that forcing Krynzel to basically miss an entire season.
I would definitely prefer a trade over bringing the young guys up. I would possibly bring one up for a short period (a couple weeks, maybe), with the intention of making a trade for a hitter that is undervalued and underused by their current team.

Also, to say Helms is hitting .400 as a PH is pretty pointless. He's got 10 Ab's in PH situations. I'm all for giving him more PT vs. LHP, though. And yes, Durrington is fast, but that's about it. I would probably prefer the extra pitcher over a player whose only job is to run. That's even more of a wasted roster spot.
I agree with the pointless average, all I am saying is that when given the opportunity, Helms has come through. (As an aside, I am as big a Helms hater as there is. I was even yelled at by Davis' wife in AZ on Easter cause I was riding him so hard). I think Durrington is a good call up because he gives the team some speed and a solid contact hitter. I am just totally against bringing a young guy up to only pinch hit him.

But given the choice, I like the organizational make up as is, since there isn't a fence-sitting veteran that can be called up. Maybe a guy from AA who understand his role and is still two years away, or a guy like Kevin Orie. He is killing AAA right now and is too old to be a realistic prospect.
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