Monday, May 02, 2005

Free Kevin Orie???

I know, it's absurd. However, look at Orie's numbers thus far at Nashville (62 AB):

.403 AVG
.513 OBP
.758 SLG
5 HR
14 BB:6 K

Granted, that is an very small sample. However, his numbers last year were very solid. Stuck in AA (!), Orie posted a line of .329/.386/.579 with 4 HR in 76 AB. The last time he had significant PT above AA, 2002, he posted a combined line of .298/.349/.558 with 20 HR between AAA Iowa and the Cubs. Orie is now 32 years old, and hasn't had any substantial MLB playing time since 1999, when in 240 AB he put up .254/.317/.396. Granted, that's not great, but it's certainly better than what Jeff Cirillo has done in the past few years:

2002: .249/.301/.328
2003: .205/.284/.271
2004: .213/.259/.293

That's flat-out awful, yet he languishes on the Brewers bench. Orie has a career AAA OPS of .871, is younger, played a respectable 3B in his day, and is exiled in Nashville. Give the man a chance to show what he can do, it can't be any worse than Cirillo and Helms. If he fails you move on, but at least give the guy a chance. Even if he can hit to his MLB career line of .249/.320/.389, which he oddly enough has posted against both LH and RH pitchers, he'll be better than Cirillo.

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