Monday, May 02, 2005

Rincon suspended


Twins reliever Juan Rincon was the latest, and most high profile, player to be suspended for steroid use. Rincon is one of the most dominant set-up men in the league, and this suspension will greatly hurt his chances for achieving appearance-related bonuses. Really a shame, but if you play with fire, you get burned. Peter Gammons was on The Dan Patrick Show on ESPN radio, and he said he believes that more pitchers, especially relievers, will test positive for juice than position players. Gammons also said that relievers take 'roids in order to bounce back after making several appearances, and that he has noticed a lot of relievers' who's velocity has dropped. Take it with a grain of salt, being that it is from Gammons.

This leads me to an issue I've been meaning to comment on - Selig's new proposed steroid policy. Under his new plan, the first offense will cost a player 50 games, the second 100, and the third will result in a lifetime ban. Now, it sounds tough, but bear in mind that this newest plan was just put in place - this would be similar to a player demanding a new contract a few months after signing a contract. Also, the league has yet to release a list of banned substances. And, most of the players have been of foreign descent, and many of them may have had no clue what exactly they were taking. I don't mean to be the equivalent of a schill for the union and the players, but I think they have a point. A 50 game suspension for a first offense is a little rough, and this new plan seems to be working. Give it time.

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