Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sweep City

The Brewers laid one on the lowly Reds today to complete a three-game sweep at Miller Park. Doug Davis "pitched his tail off", to borrow a Yostism, and Lyle Overbay went 5-5 with a HR and earned himself a curtain call from the Miller Park faithful. The Reds and Pirates should make for delightful feasting all season long, as both teams feature awful pitching staffs, especially the Reds. The Brewers were able to sweep them, and didn't even get to face the home run fairy, Eric Milton. They did, however, get to face Danny "Three Run Save" Graves, and scored a run off him in the 8th.

Most of us fans knew the Brewers had this in them. Most of their poor start could be attributed to their bout with the flu, and having to play the Cardinals. Most of the time, the Brewers were actually underperforming their pythagoreon expectations, which had them pegged at 12-11 entering play today. The bad luck they had experienced was due to turn around, and did just that. The Crew won three one-run games in a row, after failing to win any before Thursday.

The Cubs are headed in the other direction, behind the misguided Dusty. They have now lost two in a row to the Astros and, if the Cubs are smart, the Brewers won't have to face Kerry Wood, who aggravated his shoulder injury again on Saturday night. They will have to contend with Zambrano on Tuesday, but after that, who knows?

Think about how weird this is, Brett: Overbay is a good candidate for Player of the Week despite missing almost three whole games with his injured chin. (And did you see the camera phone photo that Capuano took? Look on In the Reds series he was 9 for 11 batting and 12 for 14 reaching base, merely .818/.857/1.909 for the weekend. (That's a 2764 OPS...) He lifted his average 78 points, his OBP 64 points, and his slugging 278 points. In 3 games.

If this guy isn't player of the week then there is no such thing as a week.
Yeah, it's crazy if he doesn't get it. What a huge week. Turnbow could easily get pitcher of the week, as well.
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