Thursday, June 02, 2005

Brewers take one from Pads

It was an almost "must-win game", and Davis was great. Clark was great. Heck, Jenkins even had a decent game and hit the ball both in the air and into the OF. The only slightly disturbing thing was Turnbow's struggles in the 9th. Considering Yost moved Adams from the 9th due to his inefficiency pitch count-wise, you have to wonder how long The Bow keeps it. I think it's due to rust more than anything, but he hasn't been particularly sharp lately. One would assume that Julio Santana would take the position if a move is made, but his numbers, particluarly his BAA (.093) and WHIP (0.56), are extremely flukey. He has been tremendous to this point, and aside from his tater problems early in the season he looks like yet another great find my Melvin and great reclamation job my Maddux. That's becoming old hat.

They go to LA now, with Sheets on the hill tonight and Capuano starting tomorrow. That should mean at least a split in this series, and if they could beat Wilson Alvarez - who is exactly the kind of pitcher they normally can't beat - they could finish the road trip at 4-3 and welcome the Yankees (who have lost two in a row to the freakin' Royals) to Miller. If the offense can pick it up to their April level with Branyan seemingly healthy again, they could rip off a nice run. In roughly a month Rickie Weeks should be manning the keystone, and the offense could actually be good. It would be quite hard to expect the pitching to maintain this level of performance, but they certainly won't be bad, except when the sick to your stomach feeling returns every five days when Wes Obermueller starts. The fifth spot is certainly a concern, and I'd still say bring Ben Hendrickson back. The teams treats him like he's David Manning or something when he's done quite well (3.90 ERA) in the hitter-friendly PCL. He had a rough beginning to his season, which could possibly be attributed to mechanical changes, and has really come around quite well. The fact that he has allowed only three home runs in 57.2 IP is great in that league, or any league for that matter.

Once Obermueller pulls his usual act and implodes Glover-style, he needs to come up because the team may actually need him. Capellan doesn't seem to be doing much, espceially K-wise (37/49.1 IP). His HR rate is also quite fantastic (2 allowed), but the walks (23) aren't encouraging. Things could be worse, though, they could be paying a chump like Dan Kolb $3 million dollars.

Editor's note: Branyan broke his finger trying to bunt last night. Why the hell was Russell Branyan trying to bunt? Unfortunately his bad luck continues, but hopefully this leads to a call-up for Weeks, or one of the Brothers Nelson.

"welcome the Yankees (who have lost two in a row to the freakin' Royals) to Miller."

Make that three. (crowd cheers wildly)
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